Kitten Apparently Shot and Swept Into Street Deserves Justice

Target: Andrew Meyers, Broward County Attorney

Goal: Seek maximum penalty for trio accused of shooting kitten and leaving her to die.

An innocent kitten, just eight months old, suffered an agonizing death in a despicable case of alleged animal cruelty. Surveillance video appears to show two men approaching the kitten in a Florida parking lot. One of the men, Lawrence Ivey, then allegedly pulls out a gun and shoots the poor animal. As the video continues, the kitten can reportedly be seen dragging her legs as she struggles to move. A few minutes later, the men seemingly reemerge. At this point, the second man, Jamarlin Huntley, apparently takes a broom and sweeps the kitten into the road. Authorities theorize the duo were attempting to have a driver accidently run over the already-injured kitten in order to absolve themselves of responsibility for the attack.

A maintenance man found the cat, and the suspects reportedly told him a dog had mauled her. When police arrived several hours later, they took the kitten to a veterinarian. The vet’s report noted “numerous metallic fragments causing multiple spinal fractures.” Tragically, due to the severity of the injuries, the kitten was euthanized, The alleged killers have been charged with animal cruelty, and a girlfriend who was apparently on the scene was charged with tampering with evidence.

Ivey, the reported shooter, already had charges pending relating to the sale of cocaine near a school. Sign the petition below to demand these seeming public menaces face the maximum time behind bars if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Meyers,

Lawrence Ivey and Jamarlin Huntley allegedly hunted down and killed an eight-month-old kitten in a parking lot, then seemingly attempted to hide the heinous crime by subjecting this poor animal to even more pain and suffering. Ivey currently faces additional charges for selling cocaine. These alleged crimes are unconscionable and appear to signal a stunning lack of remorse or regard for life.

Please prosecute both of these men, along with their reported accomplice, Walkenssia Joazile, to the fullest extent.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Larissa Barbosa


  1. The laws on the books now are a joke.
    They should be so harsh that any one would think twice before doing anything so heinous against an innocent animal.
    Stiffer prison time-
    Stiffer fines-
    All across the country.
    Never legally own another animal again-
    And should register as an abuser for life-
    Right now it’s a slap on the wrist and a small fine

  2. Maria Bertrand says:

    This is so utterly tragic and unnerving. These three SOB’s should be brutally tortured. I hope the rest of their lives is a LIVING HELL.

    The Law is a joke.!!!!! These 3 need to no longer breathe. I want JUSTICE for this sweet little fur baby!!!!!!! so they never hurt another innocent fur angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RIP in heaven little angel…..

  3. These pure evil, soulless, sub human bastards need hanging!! The law is complicit in murder when it continues to do nothing to stop these monsters. Get them off the planet forever. They are oxygen-stealing filth and don’t deserve to breathe. May they rot in hell for eternity. Law makers must get real, do their jobs, put real deterrents and punishments in place now!

    • These vermin polluting this planet should be the same as that poor defenceless innocent kitten at the bottom. These are NOT people, but devils in their own right.
      Get rid of those vermin!

  4. There is no place on earth for scums like this. Lets start doing an eye for an eye and this will stop!

  5. Prosecute both the men and woman for Animal Abuse to the maximum extent of the law. STOP ABUSE, NO EXCUSE.

  6. Nena Miller says:

    This absolute piece of useless scum doesn’t even deserve life. How useless can a piece of crap human be? Put him away permanently.

  7. Shoot him and let him bleed out and suffer. That’s all he deserves.

  8. I am just sickened by this. I hate people. How could someone do this to an innocent animal?????!!!!!

  9. People like this should be euthanized.

  10. People like this should be killed in the same exact way they kill their victim. How much of a psychopath do you have to be to hurt and kill an 8 month old kitten?! Big man, aren’t you? You punk @$$ b!tch. I hope you meet cat lovers in jail and end up being reincarnated as the cockroaches you are. And that’s an insult to cockroaches!!!!

  11. Debra Goldstein Lustig says:


  12. E. Badeau says:


  13. Sue Duplantis says:

    Take these 3 Cowardly Bastards, rubber band castrate the males& spay the bitch with a rusty coat hanger, pour fire ants on them, tie them so they can’t move & dump their sorry asses in the Florida Everglades to be croc food. Then justice would be jail or prison time. Save taxpayers dollars and feed the wildlife.!!!


  15. Jaime Perez says:

    These filthy hearted devils deserve the death penalty! No mercy for them.

  16. Besa Lapi says:

    Why are there s0 many animal abusers in the states?? Fkn Retards!

    • Too many of these brainless, heartless monsters of animal cruelty in the US & WORLDWIDE as well. They should be rounded up, ground alive very slowly into meat, & fed to endangered wildlife.

  17. What’s the max? Surely a slap on the wrist compared to the severe eye-for-an-eye justice these heinous, sadistic monsters👹 deserve. For the 2 diabolical beasts👺 who did it, my greatest wish is that I could be the one sentencing them & carrying out the punishment. That includes them burning in Hell👹👺👹 for eternity❗

  18. I hope all 3 off them burn in hell!!! this basters deserve the same thing!!!

  19. Bastards, rot in hell.

  20. Linda Cummings says:

    This is so horrifyingly sick and evil it made me cry reading. For God’s sake give these soulless sick ghouls REAL punishment. When for God’s sake while REAL laws be applied in these disgusting evil cases?!

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