Applaud Activists for Using Technology to Save Factory Farmed Animals

Target: Animal Liberation Executive Director Mark Pearson

Goal: Applaud activists for doing all they can to help farm animals

An activist group based in Australia has created a drone to film factory farms from the sky. The group, Animal Liberation, has used a controversial invention for good: the captured film could create the liberty that many mistreated farm animals deserve. The drone will mainly focus on large operations, ensuring that the animals are being treated as humanely as the company claims they are. This is a very useful tool in the fight against factory farming; a tool that will hopefully be passed on to activists everywhere.

The hexacopter drone, named “Hector”, is able to fly between ten and thirty meters off of the ground. Hector is equipped with a 10X zoom lens and high definition video capabilities. Because Hector is operating within a specific air space range, all of the video and photographs acquired are legal, and therefore may be used in a legal environment if need be. So far Hector has observed a layer hen farm to ensure that the hens are indeed free-range, as the package and price proclaims. Soon the team plans on observing cattle feedlots and live export facilities. The film and photographs acquired from these areas will help animal rights everywhere. The more consumers see in regards to where their food comes from, the more they will be outraged and demand change.

Animals that are raised for food, in the very least, deserve a comfortable existence. They deserve fresh air, food related to their natural diets, and respect. Animal Liberation, with this invention, will give many animals raised for food the lives they deserve. Due to ‘ag gag’ laws active in some states in America, activists there may have more trouble gaining crucial video and photographs. Encourage Animal Liberation to help groups in the United States develop similar methods of observation and thank the group for their incredible efforts to help farm animals.


Dear Mark Pearson, Animal Liberation Executive Director,

Your activist group has invented an amazing tool that will undoubtedly change factory farming for the better. “Hector”, the hexacopter drone, is capable of acquiring high definition video and 10X zoom photos of farms that are under scrutiny. This hovering drone occupies air space that is considered shared, therefore legal; this is an inventive and safe way of gaining necessary legal information.

As an activist, you understand that animals that are raised for food are too often severely mistreated. Animals in factory farms are abused and neglected every hour of their lives, with little room to move around or act naturally. Because of Hector, consumers will witness these atrocities and become motivated to act. Not many people can be okay with nonchalantly eating animals after they witness what happens in a factory farm.

Thank you for creating Hector and standing up for farmed animals. There are many activist groups that will be sure to follow in your footsteps. Many states in the United States of America have made it illegal for people to film or photograph factories and the animals that are abused and killed in them. Your group of activists are all extremely talented and driven; please consider lending a hand to groups in America that are faced with harsh filming laws. There may be methods that they have not thought of yet.


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Photo credit: Farm Sanctuary via Flickr

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  1. Rosie Collins says:

    Brilliant, hope you can share this with lots of other people Thank you

  2. William Horka says:

    The rise of perpetual surveillance and erosion of personal privacy is a troubling issue for me, and as such I generally dislike to see more instances of roving video cameras. However, in cases where abuses and violations of law and ethics are known to occur under the willful ignorance of state regulators, I believe that the arming of the people with the means to document and propagate the evidence of these abuses irrespective of government oversight is necessary and appropriate.

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