Punish Tiger King Successors Accused of Abusing and Exploiting Wild Cats

Target: Jean Williams, Acting Assistant Attorney General of Department of Justice Environment & Natural Resources Division

Goal: Prosecute and seek appropriate punishment for couple accused of trafficking and abusing nearly 100 captive wildlife.

The private zoo at the center of the Netflix series Tiger King may have come under new leadership after its owner’s incarceration, but the controversy remained. The new man in charge, Jeffrey Lowe, had previously vowed to close the notorious facility because of public pressure. Instead, he seemingly kept the exploitation and abuse that allegedly took place during his predecessor’s reign going strong. Now, he and his wife face potential animal trafficking charges after dozens of wild cats were seized from the property.

The Justice Department reportedly began an investigation into the couple and the zoo’s activities several months ago. Recently, that investigation yielded a 50-page affidavit that claimed 46 tigers, 15 hybrids of lions and tigers, and several lions and jaguars were illegally purchased, sold, and transported by the couple. The legal document also cites evidence of continued abuse and harassment of the animals. An assistant attorney general at the department said of the case: “this seizure should send a clear message that the justice department takes alleged harm to captive-bred animals protected under the Endangered Species Act very seriously.”

Sign the petition below to demand the justice department follow through on its assertion and prosecute this troubling case to the fullest extent.


Dear Assistant Attorney General Williams,

Your division claimed that the seizures of potentially trafficked wildlife from the zoo of Jeffrey and Lauren Lowe demonstrated a commitment to enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. These individuals, if they are indeed guilty of the charges leveled against them, can and should face significant punishment for their alleged broad-scale exploitation of these animals. Please make your actions match your words.

No one should profit from the pain and suffering of another living being. Protect the world’s wildlife, and ensure the maximum federal charges are pursued in this disturbing case.


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Photo Credit: Sayantan Kundu


  1. angela page says:

    these vile so called humans want disabling so they can never hurt another creature again TRASH BAGS

  2. karen broten says:

    all road side shows and animal exhibitions need to be stopped. Animals are not here for mans amusement. Anything connected with Tiger King needs to be stopped immediately!!!
    Abuse and torture is their middle name.

  3. All animal abusers globally must have the mandatory death penalty performed on them and nothing less!

  4. Patricia Orlando says:

    Animal abuse is unexceptable. Animal cruelty is unexceptable. Animals need protecting from this.

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