Man Accused of Throwing Puppy Into Building He Lit on Fire Must be Punished

Target: Kenneth Baldwin, District Attorney General of Washington County, TN

Goal: Seek maximum penalty for man accused of intentionally killing dog during act of arson.

A 9-week-old puppy was apparently killed when a Tennessee man, Don R. Wines, reportedly lit a house on fire and threw the dog into the flames. Wines has been charged with animal cruelty along with other charges that include arson and endangerment. The owner of the house reportedly had a restraining order against Wines.

The suspect is accused of setting a fire in the home, which was allegedly his second attempt at burning down the residence. According to accounts, Wines took the crime a horrifying step further by forcing a pet dog inside the house into a basket where she reportedly burned alive. When authorities arrived on the scene, the house was consumed with fire.

Sign the petition below to demand the suspect be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Baldwin,

Don R. Wines allegedly killed a puppy and put four people, including at least one child, in grave danger by setting a house fire. If accounts are proven true that this suspect willfully and maliciously threw a 9-week-old puppy into this fire, the animal cruelty charges leveled against him should merit the highest degree of possible punishment.

Please ensure that if Mr. Wines is found guilty, he answers fully for all of his alleged crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Washington County Sheriff's Office


  1. Erin Ryan says:

    Charge Wines with Animal Torture and Cruelty and put him in PRISON! He must be taken out of a civilized society as he is mentally deranged. Obviously he does not know how to get along with others & has no concept of life, people or animals

  2. E johnson says:

    Kill the piece of crap. He doesn’t need to be alive

  3. when will the law take this stuff seriously. how many attempts will he be allowed before he kills another living thing, animal or human. they should give this scumbag a dose of an eye for an eye. he is only wasting precious oxygen anyway.

  4. This vile, mentally deranged puppy killer must be put to death by means of a slow and agonising extermination! I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!!

  5. Brenda Roy says:

    Just pour gasoline over this piece of shit and throw a match on it! Let him get burned all over,but put the fire out before the asshole dies. Then just let this piece of shit slowly die in agonizing pain!!!! There is NO NEED FOR HUMAN GARBAGE LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD!!!!

  6. Lesley Rodgers says:

    The piece of evil filth who murdered a helpless puppy in such an extremely cruel way should be thrown into a fire and burned to death himself.

  7. Valerie Flora says:

    They should life that son of a bitch on fire and watch him burn.

  8. mary gibson says:

    Burn him!!

  9. Burn this POS Alive

  10. Barbara Laudan says:

    This garbage should be locked up forever in a mental institution.

  11. Donna. C'abrera says:

    how can anyone purposely kill a loving innocent family pet ..? that puppy barely lived. and died a horrifically painful death
    . THIs man needs psyche evaluation

  12. June Ann Vearling says:

    What a POS. He isn’t even human. I think there is a very special place in Hell for those that abuse children and animals. For sure that’s where he is going to wind up.

  13. Wines is guilty by his own admission. He suffers a mental condition but needs to be held accountable for the murder of a puppy. All life is sacred including this puppy. The attorney’s, the judge and the court need to punish accordingly. It’s murder! This man is also guilty of arson. What if a family were in the house at the time? Get this man off the streets as he will do this again and we all know it. Such crimes always done to innocents. This man may be sick but he doesn’t want to suffer the dame fate. There needs to be no mercy shown for these crimes. Hopefully there is no bail. Our laws are made to protect the innocent and our court system needs to support the innocent not the guilty!

  14. kory chatelain says:

    People like this should be euthanized.

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