Save Songbirds From Deadly Epidemic

Target: Vanessa Kauffman,  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Specialist for National Wildlife Refuge System, Migratory Birds, Endangered Species Act, Public Lands, and Wolves

Goal: Investigate cause of unknown affliction sickening and killing songbirds.

The bird world is dealing with its own deadly outbreak. The U.S. Geological Survey has warned of an alarming rise of wild bird deaths attributed to a mystery illness. Afflicted birds exhibit symptoms such as swollen, crusty eyes, disorientation, an inability to fly, and eventual death. Presently, scientists can only try to mitigate the disease’s spread. In a nod to social distancing, they are encouraging people in mid-Atlantic states (where the clusters of deaths are centered) to take down bird feeders, bird baths, or any other devices that attract large groups of birds.

Several potential causes have been suggested, including infectious disease, pesticide poisoning, the lingering effects of an avian salmonella outbreak, and even the emergence of cicadas that may carry a dangerous fungus. No definitive answers have been discovered, however. In the meantime, blue jays, European starlings, and other wild songbirds continue to fall victim across Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and possibly more states.

Various state wildlife services have begun investigations. Sign the petition below to urge the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to launch a similar comprehensive initiative that seeks a cause and, more importantly, a solution to this ongoing threat.


Dear Ms. Kauffman,

The avian population recently dealt with a serious salmonella outbreak, and this dangerous illness eventually killed seven humans as well. This incident, as well as the public health turmoil currently engulfing the globe, demonstrates in full that we cannot ignore grave threats to the living beings with whom we share this planet. We are all interconnected.

Therefore, the even more alarming epidemic taking place within mid-Atlantic songbirds should be of urgent concern not just to conservation groups in the affected states but to the country as a whole. Scientists studying the often-fatal condition that renders birds immobile and potentially blind are at a loss. They could use the expertise and abundant resources of this federal agency in solving a perplexing mystery. The stakes are high for these birds and potentially far beyond.

Please focus the agency’s efforts on this developing crisis as soon as possible.


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  1. the deadly disease is called geoengineering the weather. spraying toxic chemicals in the air day after day which by the way is where birds hang out. zombie deer, bears being found with large lesions and tumors. as all these toxic chemicals drop down, these animals eat and drink from places contaminated with this garbage. we breath it in everyday yet when people talk about this all the simple minded idiots pretend it don’t exist. don’t believe me, use your own eyes and look up. remember that beautiful blue sky that was there an hour ago is now gone. replaced with a gray murky haze that the sun can’t even push through. remember too one of the main ingredients in this poison is aluminum and other toxic heavy metals. cancer rates skyrocketing even in animals, gee i wonder why. people need to wake up and stop listening to the main stream media scumbags and go back to using common sense. believe what you see not what you hear. just look up!

  2. Shirley Royer says:

    I have finches. A few robins, mourning doves, grackels, woodpeckers (the red headed one and the woody one), cowbirds and crows.

  3. Rose Coffey says:

    We definitely need to protect these songbirds. We here in the Midwest are finding that many of us have a shortage of hummingbirds. We really miss them.

  4. Agree with Lou – sheep look up and down – to the oceans as well – we humans are messing things up so badly –

  5. Yes we are screwing things up. It’s heartbreaking to see all the people sticking their head in their cell phones everyday and doing nothing. Acting like everything is fine. I have never felt so stressed out as I have the last 10 years and just getting worse. Most of us are trying to just get by but still have to be vigilant and at least try. I feed the birds and clean up often. Change water everyday etc. We are on a fast track towards extinction ourselves!

  6. Elaine Burgess says:

    It’s called pesticides, weather engineering, and pollution of waterways. It’s called human ignorance at the expense of many and the innocent for the pockets of a few get lined. It’s called diseases brought over by invasive species this is a huge when no one wants to talk about. Our indigenous birds immune systems can’tdeal with all this bombardment, they’re sensitive digestive systems, most likely even the bugs they eat are full of pesticides. There are plenty of natural plant derivatives to use and toxic pesticides are not needed. Even in large farming. Start planning the old way and circle corn in the middle beans out the corn tomatoes out the beans all the peppers around everything. The way we silly humans can counteract this, the ones that care, plant pollinators, trees like Mimosa or Magnolia are flowers or B bushes butterfly bushes anything that attracts pollinators. And do your best to get rid of the large pesticide companies for at least have them change their tune.

  7. Julie Bishop says:

    Please save the songbirds!!!

  8. Recycling and upcycling must be taught in all school levels, not to mention caring for all beings and their/our environment.
    “A good traveler leaves no tracks” – Lao Tzu
    We are travelers on this earth.
    Please USFWS act immediately and provide expertise and resources to put a stop to this crisis.
    Thank you.


  10. Anne-Mari Gavin says:


  11. Frankly, most of the violent, idiot human species on this planet deserves to die out.
    I only feel sorry for the birds, fish and other animals – THEY are the true stewards of this planet, fulfilling their purpose without harm, and all we do is destroy them and drive them to extinction.
    THEY are the rightful owners of this planet.
    WE do not belong here.
    We do not deserve this beautiful place.

  12. David Stevens says:

    Ok they have told us to not use our bird feeders but I’m not going to starve the many birds in my yard that depend on me everyday you can put seed on the ground in a big pile and they will find it

    • Feeding them on the ground is the same as feeding them in the feeders. The contaminated birds land on the ground and contaminate the bird seed that is on the ground and it spreads just like in the feeders. Just stop feeding them till further notice. Birds are resiliant. They find food everywhere. They will not starve.

  13. Ellis Toscano says:

    Found two dead blue jays in last week. This might explain it. I do not ever use pesticides as I have dogs, cats and horses.

  14. for those interested, there is a site called the site and it’s founder are amazing. full of knowledge and the truth about what’s happening up there. he has gone up against climate scientists(and i use the term loosely) with his data and he is so spot on he ties them up in knots and the fools get so frustrated they actually scream at him to shut up. you can watch these professional idiots lose it against this man whose name is Dane by the way. he also produced several eye opening documentaries on this subject that will captivate you if your truly looking for answers. i know this post is about saving the songbirds but honestly if this stuff isn’t stopped there won’t be much left to admire and love including songbirds.

    • Lou, you’re absolutely spot on and Dane W’s research is impeccable! These military, weaponized campaigns against ALL LIFE on earth (including 5G & other EMF frequencies) are what’s REALLY been going on under our noses, for decades! The rest is made-up stories of “distraction” and false narratives to deliberately lead people astray in the most calamitous ways. This is a deliberate eugenics war on a global scale. People should also read “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg to find out what’s REALLY been killing bees and other wildlife (including us). And trying to tie all this into an unnatural made-up ‘pandemic’ that never existed (if you look at the raw data) is just more lies to KEEP people gullible and stupid!

      And Fish & Wildlife? They’ve been enemies of wildlife for ages! People should NOT be following this heartless, soulless, evil advice to make the birds also starve and cook to death in HAARP’s weaponized, manufactured heatwaves! Whoever wrote this petition needs to TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF AND GET EDUCATED FIRST!

  15. Since last fall I have found 3 dead house finches in my feeders. They had all the symptoms described and more. They land in the feeders and stay there for a few days trying to eat and never leave the feeders. They die there. I have had several more sick but flew away. I removed my feeders and cleaned them with a 10% clorox solution. I will wait to hear when I can begin feeding them again.

  16. If anyone here thinks this is nature u r in denial. This is man made as was covid and fure viruses these authoritarian govts will release in the public and environment.

  17. Julia Edinger says:

    Being’s just keep destroying God’s precious animal’s on land an sea‼️

  18. sharon your heart is the right place but unfortunately until this chemical bombardment stops nothing is safe. i live in an area where i see and when i can’t see them any longer because of the haze i hear them spraying constantly. the summers up here are almost non existent now. no seasons anymore. trees dying in winter and never returning. i live near no air traffic whatsoever. there should be no planes where i live yet here they are. all the crap they throw out calling them contrails is all garbage. i remember contrails as a kid and they dissipate almost immediately and many of todays modern jet engines no longer emit vapor trails. people are just to lazy to do some homework and hope that one day it will all just go away, well it won’t. the dirt bags behind all this are condescending to us knowing and hoping that we will just keep denying and bury our heads deeper in the sand. very sad especially since the future generations will have no idea how much beauty hey have lost.

  19. next tragedy unfolding is all the people who hunkered down during covid went out and adopted all kinds of animals to relieve their boredom treating them like old newspapers instead of living sensitive beings. now that they are free to move around again these animals are being surrendered in record numbers. i got into an argument with a shelter worker months ago who said i was dead wrong, well here we are and i was dead right. wishing i wasn’t. people need to wake up and see the damage that we are doing across the globe but unfortunately i think we are too far gone for that. breaks your heart to witness it.

    • lou, you’re one of the too few very smart cookies. I agree with every comment you’ve made here, in trying to desperately educate the masses before it’s too late…which it will be very soon IF people don’t wisen up fast. There won’t BE any “future generations” otherwise. Ours and other animals’ only hope is US, taking on proper responsibility, instead of relying on phony mommy & daddy agencies to “save” the planet. They won’t.

  20. Maria Bertrand says:

    I would like to see all NATURAL PRODUCTS for everything or at least where ever possible…ALL MANUFACTURERS ETC SHOULD BE THUS MANDATED. In simpler times all animals had better odds of surviving a full life. It is so sad what man has done and continues to do..

    Please investigate and find the root or roots and do what you must to turn this around to save these sweet angelic birds!

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