Woman Accused of Trying to Decapitate Dog With Sword Must be Prosecuted

Target: Joseph Stanzione, District Attorney, Greene County, NY

Goal: Prosecute woman accused of trying to decapitate her dog.

A female Australian Cattle dog narrowly survived an alleged attack by her owner, who apparently attempted to decapitate the dog with a sword. The accused is a 67 year-old woman from Cairo, New York. In addition to the alleged decapitation attempt, the woman is also accused of stabbing the dog numerous times.

After the attack, the dog was reportedly left alone for eight hours to bleed to death. However, incredibly, the dog survived long enough to be rescued and was taken to a local veterinary hospital for emergency surgery.

Miraculously, the dog has so far survived and is under the protection of the Columbia-Greene Humane Society. The woman also owned five other dogs who have been temporarily removed from the home.

Although the woman was arrested and charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals, she has since been released without bond.


Dear District Attorney Joseph Stanzione,

A woman in your jurisdiction is accused of attempting to decapitate her own dog with a sword. She also is accused of stabbing her dog multiple times and leaving it for eight hours to bleed to death.

If these allegations are true, this person needs to be prosecuted fully and either sent to prison for a long time, or potentially provided serious mental health services.

I respectfully ask that you devote all available resources to ensure this case is fully investigated and pursued to a just completion.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Eva holderegger walser


  1. Death for this repulsive dog killing bitch is essential.

  2. Veronique Peere says:

    That dog torturer must be prosecuted.
    No mercy for torturers !

  3. This vile mentally deranged bitch who has an atrocious mentally unstable reputation, must be put to death. A slow and agonising death is essential.

  4. Here we go again with another Fucktard human waste of space!! Karma needs to come around! Mofo garbulent inhumane human go bully your own kind of garbage or better yet, why not use that sword on yourself.

  5. Carolyn Douglas says:

    How many more innocent animals have to suffer the horrors from this evil cruel POS? She should never be out on parole. She needs to suffer tenfold the same abuse she inflicted and hopefully she will die. She is a menace to animals and humans alike. She must be removed from society for the rest of her life – solitary would be perfect… In my opinion…

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