Monkeys Reportedly Left to Die in Oven-Hot Car Deserve Justice

Target: Jimmy Dunn, District Attorney General for Sevierville, TN

Goal: Seek justice for monkeys allegedly left to die excruciating deaths in lethally hot car.

While news of animal-related heat deaths tragically come every summer, the reports typically involve dogs. This distressing narrative changed at Tennessee’s Soaky Mountain Water Park, however. While individuals and families cooled off with watery rides inside the park, two monkeys were apparently suffocating in the parking lot.

Employees found two young marmoset monkeys, both just weeks old, in a car on the premises. One of the monkeys had died, while the other was urgently taken for treatment for severe dehydration. The outside temperatures on this day alone were around 87 degrees. Since the heat inside closed vehicles can feel 100-plus degrees in just half an hour, these monkeys likely endured agony. The owners of the vehicle, Indiana couple Nova Brettell and David Paul, have been charged with animal cruelty.

Sign the petition below to ensure these suspects are held fully accountable for this tragedy if they are deemed responsible.


Dear Mr. Dunn,

Water parks are supposed to be a source of care-free fun during hot summer days. The Soaky Mountain Water Park apparently became the scene of a horrible heat-related tragedy, however, when two young monkeys—one deceased—were discovered inside a blazing hot car. As these animals share such a close relationship with humans, imagine the torment and terror they must have experienced.

These living beings deserved better than to have their lives endangered or ended in such an excruciating and entirely preventable manner. When all current and potentially pending charges have been filed against the couple allegedly involved, please prosecute this egregious case to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Miriam Fischer



  1. jiggabongo says:

    Kill this methed out white trash




  4. These brain damaged dim witted predator killers must face their evil souls & must be destroyed by the evil they enact on sentient creatures!! The monsters need to be removed from the streets & punished like never before!!! Justice for the monkeys & hell to them & may they choke in their evil!!!

  5. I would do the same to the COWARD INHUMAN BASTARDS!

  6. Erin Ryan says:

    What were they doing with monkeys in the first place? These people need to be put in PRISON. They MURDERED an innocent living being! Never allow them to have animals ever

  7. It is inconceivable how in today’s world there are so many STUPID and IGNORANT people. What is Wrong with humanity?
    These types of people should not only be punished to the fullest extent, but BANNED from ever owning or being near Any and All animals!!!!

    • Nova Brettell and David Paul Should be banned from having animals, sterilized so they cannot procreate (no kids deserve these two for parents) and also hopefully they won’t be caregiver for the elderly. They’re too selfish. Only thinking of themselves while the babies were suffering. Evil.

  8. Besa Lapi says:


  9. Michelle Stewart says:

    Those bastards each must spend 10 years in prison with no early parole, each pay a $400,000 fine, and each be banned for life from owning, buying, working with, breeding, or illegally getting any animals ever again

  10. What the hell is wrong with these so called `humans`. Animals are kinder, wiser and definitely more intelligent than these half-wits. DO NOT defend these morons, PUNISH THEM, give them a taste of their own medicine. I would rather have the monkeys on this Earth than those evil, wicked EXCUSES for human beings….sort it out and now. Thank heavens for KARMA, I wouldnt want theirs and THEY WILL receive exactly what they give out…..for sure!!

    • Cathy Sunshine says:

      You are so right Nicole I trust my life with animals more than I do people. People hurt for fun animals don’t. They are loyal .

  11. E johnson says:

    Suffocate them

  12. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I wonder how these morons would bring up their children, if (God forbid) they ever breed with each other? Also leave their unfortunate offspring in a blazing hot car to die, while they spoil themselves with enjoyment in pleasure park?

  13. In my state of Pennsylvania this is a FELONY as it should be!!!!!

  14. All animal abusers must be put to death and nothing less!

  15. Jim – Nova Brettell and David Paul were well aware of the dangers of keeping these 2 innocent monkey’s in their car all day long in the summer heat while they enjoyed themselves at a water park. We are asking that you prosecute these uneducated idiots to the fullest extent allowed under Tennessee law. One of these monkey’s paid for their ignorance with its life and this couple must be held accountable. Please show the world that Sevierville WILL NOT TOLERATE animal abuse! Please!

  16. Brenda Roy says:

    These ignorant assholes should be thrown in a gas chamber! Stupid motherfuckers!!!!!!!

  17. Nena Miller says:

    Why in God’s are they in possession of these monkeys? No private citizens should own monkeys! Put these two fools in cages in a jail fir a long time.

  18. Cynthia Mattera says:

    why in the world would you bring 2 baby monkeys to a water park and leave them in a hot car to cook to death? PLEASE charge this couple to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. One baby died a horrible death and the other was in very bad shape. Shame on these people for leaving these 2 babies alone in a hot car while they swam in nice cool water!!!!!


  20. Vance Andress says:

    Please solve.

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