Stop Shooting Innocent Rabbits at Airport

Target: Tamara Vrooman, Vancouver International Airport CEO

Goal: Stop shooting rabbits and find non-lethal solutions.

The Vancouver International Airport has become the home to a large colony of rabbits, and airport officials’ response has been to shoot them. For the past several weeks, a man with an active firearm has been on the premises and shooting the rabbits.

There are a number of non-lethal options available for rabbit control, yet the airport is hiding behind government sanction as an excuse for their disgusting and uncompassionate behavior. They claim that this is the only solution, and have turned down numerous offers to assist in relocating the rabbits.

Sign this petition to have the airport stop this barbaric behavior, and find an ethical solution for their rabbit popultion.


Dear Mrs. Vrooman,

I am disgusted with how you are handling the over-population of rabbits at your airport. Shooting them is such an archaic, barbaric solution and this must stop. There are a number of non-lethal solutions available, and you have even turned down several offers to have people properly relocate the rabbits to an appropriate habitat.

You claim that safety is your number one priority, but bringing in people with active firearms to such a busy and public place is a horrific misjudgment on the part of all airport officials. You also claim that this response is endorsed by the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations, yet it is shameful that you justify your decisions with bureaucratic legalities.

I call on you to stop this disgraceful slaughter, and find a non-lethal, responsible solution to the rabbit population at your airport.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: RickyNJ


  1. The vile, mentally deranged animal hating cretins involved in planning and killing these innocent rabbits, must be put to death. A slow and agonising death for these scumbags is essential!

  2. low-life pieces of s–t! Max sentence PLEASE!

  3. These evil cretins require the same treatment!

  4. These evil scumbags require the same treatment!

  5. Jesus Christ, Canada is turning into a fucking third world country with its horrible treatment of all sorts of animals anymore.

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