Praise Clothing Brand For No Longer Using Fur

Target: Dani Reiss, Canada Goose CEO

Goal: Praise Canada Goose for no longer using new fur, and encourage them in future ethical endeavors.

Coyote fur has long been denounced by animal rights activists, yet this unethical fur has been a trademark in the Canada Goose clothing line. Now, after more than 60 years in the business, this clothing company has made the ethical decision to no longer use new fur on their clothing.

The company will use recycled fur and has stated a buyback program where they will re-use fur. This is a huge step forwards in the fashion industry, and will save countless animals from dying for human pleasure.

Sign this petition to praise Canada Goose for their decision to no longer kill animals for fur, and encourage them to remove all new animal products from the product lines.


Dear Mr Reiss,

I would to thank you on behalf of your company for your commitment to no longer use new fur in your product lines. Coyote trimmed hoods are a trademark of your jackets, and this is a huge step forward. Thank you for helping move the fashion industry towards a more ethical, and sustainable, future.

I would also like to encourage you to make similar commitments in other aspects of your production and discontinue all new animal products in your clothing.


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  1. Chuck Densmore says:

    Better late than never. (60 years of killing coyotes!)

  2. Mary DeCraemer says:

    Great. Now stop slaughtering geese for down feathers.

  3. Stop using geese feathers and killing geese.

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    It’s about time. I can stop hating this company with so much passion. BUT YOU STILL NEED TO STOP TORTURING GEESE FOR FEATHERS! PLEASE DON’T TAKE ANOTHER 10 YEARS TO DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!

  5. I won’t sign this petition. NEVER..
    Canada Goose is still torturing innocent animals. Geese, for down feathers.
    I will never praise “Canada Goose”. Especially, because I’m Canadian. It’s disgusting.
    I think praising or thanking them excuses them from the torture they caused innocents animals till now.
    No thanking will ever excuse this.

  6. Oh FUCK THEM. Praise for WHAT? For taking YEARS to do the right thing??? And then having to be shamed into it? And THEN, for only doing HALF of the right thing – or did you forget they are still ripping feathers and down from live geese?
    I hope the bastards go out of business. PLENTY of good, sturdy, attractive NON-CRUEL outerwear than this overpriced brand that is STILL cruelty as far as I’m concerned.

  7. No one needs to wear someone else’s skin!!!!

  8. stephanie says:

    Yes, me too, I cannot sign this (and I sign almost everything!) CG should have stopped using fur (AND feathers) years ago. The fact they will continue to use fur albeit used fur still says “fur is ok.” When their brand is truly free of animal material, then I will say a hesitant thank you.

  9. Bonnie Steiger says:

    You’re still the problem till you stop ripping the down off live geese to make profit. Abuse is abuse. Hurry up already.

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