Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Found Living in Their Own Waste

Target: Madison County, Tennessee District Attorney Jody S. Pickens

Goal: Give prison sentence to woman who allegedly allowed her dogs to live among trash and waste.

Anna Sandhu Ray was arrested and charged with 44 incidents of animal cruelty and two dogs were allegedly found dead in her home. Authorities seized the remaining dogs from her property. She needs to spend time behind bars if it is found she is responsible for neglecting her pets to better ensure that more animals will not suffer under her care.

The dogs reportedly had fleas and parasites all over their bodies. They were allegedly found in cages filled with waste and living in heaps of trash. Ray was also arrested in 1996 when police reportedly found several animals inside another one of her residences, which was reported to be condemned as a result of being too unsanitary. The 44 dogs that were recently seized from Ray’s home were taken to get veterinary care. However, no reports have been made regarding their current state.

Sign this petition to demand Ray receive a lengthy prison sentence if she is found guilty of neglecting these innocent animals to hopefully keep other helpless creatures safe.


Dear District Attorney Pickens,

Forty-four dogs were allegedly suffering because their owner, Anna Sandhu Ray, allowed them to live in an unclean home. Additionally, a couple of dogs’ bodies were also reportedly removed from the property. It is important that Ray be given a lengthy prison sentence if she is found guilty so that she will not be able to abuse or neglect more animals.

According to authorities, the dogs were filled with parasites and fleas. Reports indicate that the animals were forced to live in their own feces and urine, and they were also said to be living among mountains of trash. In addition to this alleged episode, Ray was arrested in 1996 on other animal cruelty charges. Although the dogs that authorities took custody of were immediately taken to get medical help, no updates have been made available on how they are currently doing.

For these reasons, I demand you seek the toughest legal sentence possible for Ray and that you further insist that she not be legally allowed to own animals in the future if she is found guilty of neglecting her dogs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sainandini Mishra


  1. louis castora says:

    would you expect any less from the woman who was married to the killer of martin luther king jr.

    • That’s not a fair comment, yes this woman is sick, but many woman, who later discovered they were married to murderers, or rapists, were just foolish, and blind, but not evil just because their husband is or was. This woman CLEARLY needs mental help, some do this out of sheer cruelty, but the majority do it due to poor mental health, and hoarding caused by their mental health issues. Thank God these babies were saved.

  2. Jail this piece of shit

  3. eleanor dunkavich says:

    should be put away

  4. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    If you are that screwed up then there is no point in your life. Good riddance.

  5. Another monster lowlife animal torturing non human pos vermin who must be put to death. Kill the evil pos slowly.

  6. Don’t give a shit about all of the problems in her life – no reason to treat animals that depend on their owners in this manner. She needs to do jail time and serious jail time. F*uck what is wrong with people anyways. This is just bullshit what she did and no excuse is good enough.

  7. This mentally deranged animal abusing scumbag must be put to death. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this essential procedure!!

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