Remove Lead Shot From the Environment and Save Waterfowl

Target: Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada

Goal: Put lead shot on the Virtual Elimination List and save hundreds of thousands of waterfowl from lead poisoning.

Every year, hunters recklessly deposit countless quantities of lead shot into the environment every time they fire their guns. And every year over 300,000 waterfowl die horrifying deaths from ingesting this toxic substance. Any exposure to lead is considered unsafe to both people and animals, and there are many lead-free ammunition options available, yet lead-shot is still widely used across the country.

The Virtual Elimination List contains toxic substances that contaminate the food chain by human intervention and removes these substances from the environment.

Sign this petition to add lead to the Virtual Elimination List and save countless birds, mammals, and aquatic animals.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

Your department is responsible for the safety and preservation of the environment and wild animals, yet you have failed to protect them from one of the most dangerous substances: lead shot. Every year, unprecedented quantities of this toxic substance will be carelessly fired into bodies of water and into the soil, where it will be ingested by countless animals. Annually, over 300,000 waterfowl die horrific deaths by accidentally ingesting lead shot along with their food.

I urge you to add lead to the Virtual Elimination List and save millions of animals that you have sworn to protect.


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Photo Credit: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren


  1. Lead shot is still being used? Virtual Elimination for lead shot needs to be a law. In your position yo must surely know the damage this does to animals, birds, water, and soil. It’s your job to know this and make your decisions meet the need. Isn’t this the job you are being pad to do? Why then is this not done? You protect animals, right? Then I respectfully request you do so and now is a good time. Please place lead shot on the Virtual Elimination List. Also make it the law. This has been killing so many for so long and it’s time it ended. Thank you.

    • Lead is still being used because the last president overturned a ban on leaded ammunition. So sad.

      • Lisa Allis says:

        I assume you are aware that this is in Canada. They have a Prime Minister and not a president. The Canadian Prime Minister apparently allows lead shot in Canada. So sad.

  2. Thank you pm. Well said. This fight has gone on for years. It could have been instituted long ago. It seems to be the sensible thing to do but people don’t like change. We need a program in every State to exchange lead shot for something that doesn’t foul the environment. This also goes for lead sinkers used in fishing.

  3. Linda Cummings says:

    Eagles are also dying in large numbers because of the totally stupid and senseless use of lead bullets. They eat the animal that some dumb ass red neck asshole killed for no good reason incuding the lead bullet. They dye a very slow gruesome death.


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