Stop Catching and Torturing Whales in the Name of Science

Target: Harald Johannes Gjein, Director General of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet)

Goal: Stop unethical research on minke whales in Norwegian waters.

As the pandemic rages, scientists are fascinated by how the reduction in human travel has impacted wildlife. In particular, how boat travel bothers and stresses whales. One group of scientists is taking this research too far. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), has issued permits that will allow scientists to trap and torture minke whales to study how stress and noise affects their brains.

The research will include herding the whales into a tiny temporary enclosure, inserting probes under their skin, and running tests on them for up to four days. If the whales become too stressed or aggressive, they will be dealt electric shocks or sedated to complete the unethical study.

Sign this petition to stop this disgusting and unethical research, and revoke all such permits in the future.


Dear Mr. Gjein,

Your organization has recently issued permits for the containment of minke whales and unethical experimentation. Wild animals are not toys for humans to poke, prod, and torture. Even if it is the name of science, this research is horrific and should not be allowed. Our understanding of the natural world should not be done at the expense of the animals that are supposedly being studied.

I urge you to stop this disgusting research and revoke all present and future permits that lead to the exploitation and torture of the ocean’s greatest creature.


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  1. The world is facing climate change. It is a world problem. Countries who deliberately make decisions to inflict more harm to the earth need to be called out for all to know. China has 17 thousand ships all over the world taking the world’s share of fish. What then is left for the rest of the world? And then there is Norway. You are respected yet you knowing take whales and use them for your purposes knowing the world needs whales to take in CO2 and help with climate change. If each country continues to do as they please the earth won’t have a stable climate and will die along with all of us. Please do your part.

  2. silver_wing says:

    Bad science.
    Seems to me some wise guys have found yet another way to suck public moneys and for what? What is the use of this so called “research”?

  3. I’ve always had the impression that Norway is a civilized country – I was obviously wrong, there is nothing civilized about torturing whales for bogus science experiments. Shame on Norway. We are visiting Sweden this year, was going to see some of Norway too – not now.

  4. This excuse sounds a lot like Japan’s. They also hunt and kill whales for “research”! We all know that is a lot of “bull”! They just need a legal reason to kill whales for food and still look like they are conserving them. It’s all so absurd! Do these countries think that the rest of us are stupid!? So much for getting the entire world to live by laws to save endangered animals. And who made the rules that a certain number of whales could be taken for research!? That just is ridiculous! When a species is defined as endangered, or even known to be limited, none should be taken for ANY reason!

  5. This is a sick thing to do. There is absolutely no reason to do this at all. We already know that whales and other sea life gets stressed by noises and things like that

  6. Besa Lapi says:

    Whales are living, breathing beings that deserve to live their life. Like All animals, they feel pain, happiness, lonliness and even fearfulness as well.
    Killing Any animal is waste of time.


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