Dog Reportedly Beaten and Run Over Deserves Justice

Target: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Attorney John W. Peck

Goal: Put man in prison who reportedly physically assaulted a dog, ran the creature over with his truck, and left the animal to die.

Devin Jacob Eli Rugg was arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty after he allegedly abused a dog on the side of the road. He needs to spend the maximum amount of time in prison if he is found guilty to hopefully avoid another similar tragic situation in the future.

A lady told authorities that Rugg pulled off the side of the road and began screaming at the animal. She further went over to explore the area after the man left and reportedly found a pit-bull type dog profusely bleeding and crying on the road’s shoulder. Although the dog, later named Russell, was quickly taken to a local veterinarian to receive medical treatment, the animal is reportedly still in excruciating pain after being treated for multiple cuts, bone bruises, and pelvic fractures.

Pictures of where the alleged incident took place were posted on social media, and Rugg was apprehended soon afterwards. According to the person who was with Rugg during the incident, he said that he was going to kill Russell before he reportedly assaulted the animal and ran the creature over twice. Sign this petition to demand Rugg be given the strictest sentence under the law if it is found he hurt this innocent animal.


Dear County Attorney Peck,

An innocent dog was reportedly tortured, run over twice, and left to die. Devin Jacob Eli Rugg was arrested for the crime after news of the incident spread on social media. He needs to spend the most time behind bars possible if it is found he committed this horrific act to better ensure other animals will not endure the same fate.

A person called police after she allegedly saw the dog, now named Russell, fiercely being yelled at on the side of the road. After the man left, she checked the area and later told police that the animal was bleeding from all four limbs and yelping loudly. According to one witness, the animal was picked up as a stray, and Rugg threatened to kill the creature after getting into a heated fight with his girlfriend.

A local veterinarian reportedly treated Russell for severe injuries, including bruises on the animal’s bones, pelvic fractures, and numerous lacerations. For these reasons, we demand you seek the harshest legal sentence for Rugg if he is found guilty and that he be required to not only spend time in prison, but that he also be made to pay all pertinent fines relating to his charges, if it is found he committed this disgusting act of animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Iidar Sagdejev


  1. Janet Garraghan says:

    I hope this despicable, backward degenerate has been severely punished! If he’s capable of such extreme anger and cruelty to a poor defenceless dog then he’s clearly a danger to society and needs to be condemned as such. It’s time authorities across the world stopped being cowards and took action against the evil monsters who cause or allow neglect, abuse, torture and killing for their own sadistic pleasure. Breaks my heart how people can be so cruel and selfish. I despair of the human race.

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