Don’t Euthanize Thousands of Grey Squirrels

Target: George Eustice, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Goal: Allow grey squirrels to be released back into the wild.

Wildlife rehabilitation centers across the United Kingdom receive numerous calls each year to aide grey squirrels. However, a new policy has determined that this invading species is no longer allowed to be released back into the wild once they have been properly rehabilitated. This comes as a death sentence to most grey squirrels in the country. While the new laws allow the centers to keep the animals until they die from natural causes, most centers do not have the necessary facilities to permanently keep that many. This will result in injured squirrels being left in the wild to die a horrible death or being taken in where care workers will be forced to euthanize them.

This cruel ruling must be overturned. It is not the animals’ fault that they ended up as an alien in a strange country, and they should not be punished and killed for humankind’s error. Sign this petition to urge the British government to allow the proper rehabilitation of all animals within its borders.


Dear Honourable Eustice,

I understand that grey squirrels are not a native species to your country. However, this does not give your government the right to sign their death warrant. These animals were brought over in the past by human error, and it is not the fault of the current squirrels where they live. Your recent ruling that these animals cannot be re-released into the wild following rehabilitation will force many wildlife care centers to unnecessarily euthanize the grey squirrels that come through their doors.

I urge you to reconsider this ruling and find other means of controlling the population of this foreign species.


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Photo Credit: TheOtherKev


  1. What the hell has happened to the Brits? They used to be known as animal lovers – now they seem to be mostly animal haters and killers.

    • I gree with your comment ABS314.
      “What the hell has happened to the Brits? They used to be known as animal lovers – now they seem to be mostly animal haters and killers”.It is their rotten Government that allows this sadism and evilness.
      Please save these precious and defenceless grey squirrels

  2. It seems lately you that agencies only know how to kill animals. This is a disgusting path of Destruction we really don’t need right now

  3. Only a mentally disturbed person would allow animals to be killed or abused.

  4. Stop killing animals. They are innocent and have the same right to this planet as we do- more in my opinion!

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Leave the poor squirrels alone and let them live in peace and safety. Killing animals isn’t always the solution to problems. It gets so sickening to hear these things.

  6. Come on people leave the squirrels alone – stop attempting to destroy all animals on this planet. Who the hell do you you think you are anyways – people are sick and tired of all of the destroying of God’s creatures – why not just get rid of yourself and do all of us and the animals a really big favor!!

  7. David Clough says:

    Tree-climbing nut-buriers. Scampering grey squirrels are a familiar sight here in the UK, but sadly these American imports have had a disastrous impact on the native red squirrel.
    This fact was not reported in the petition. I just thought it should be mentioned.

  8. I do wish that these petitions would stop using the ‘air-brushed’ word ‘euthanise’ – call it out for what it is, killing. Use the word KILL in all circumstances because that is what it is.

  9. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    This is a sad state of humankind, and I use that term loosely, when the only solution to every animal problem that the humans create is to kill the animals. Heinous, deplorable, despicable and disgusting! Shame on you Great Britain!

  10. Back off and leave the squirrels alone!! OR ELSE YOU BAstards shall pay bigtime!!!!!!!

  11. People don’t realize that bay killing animals kill so them self’s!
    All around the globe! People show no mercy to any animals!
    In Europe year ago Polish and Rashian s kill tousends of wilad pigs! In the nome of protect people from desise what lather was find out to no harm for people!in Azja people in worse possibly way kill dogs and cats! Huteres kill defances animals for fan! Don’t even put Attentions do they are nursing tare youngsters!do they female or male or babies!
    Animals of every one spisse are Hunter and sent to laboratory For experiments !
    People stop do this! Animals have fillings! They fill pain and happines! They so have family! Is a lot space in Auers planet for live People and Animals in harmony!
    I now that may word is not count bat if every bury will say some ting we can do some ting for protect all Fauna!

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