Don’t Pull Apart Elephant Families

661007-1421885169-wideThirty-four baby elephants are in danger of being taken from their families and sold into captivity. Save these young animals and their mothers from enduring this cruel separation.

Save the Last U.S. Jaguars from Border Militarization

213463-1422309495-wideThe last U.S. jaguars and ocelots are already struggling to survive, and now militarization of “security” at the U.S. border threatens their existence even more. Save endangered wildlife from misguided border security projects.

Save the Pristine Arctic

320986-1422378528-wideArctic animals are threatened by oil companies’ plans to drill in their habitat. Support a plan to protect the pristine Arctic for wildlife and for future generations.

Stop the Slaughter of Yellowstone’s Bison

344513-1421788712-wideYellowstone’s majestic bison are under attack, and hundreds of them could soon be killed for wandering outside of the national park. Don’t punish these animals for attempting to roam freely in their natural habitat.

Save the Last Mexican Gray Wolves

954103-1421434955-wideOnly five breeding pairs of Mexican gray wolves remain in the U.S., and now even these few animals are under threat. Act to save the endangered wolves from hunters and ranchers.

Stop Politicians From Threatening Wolves and Polar Bears

result (13)Endangered species, from wolves to polar bears to panthers, are under attack from industry. Don’t open up endangered animal habitat to logging, oil drilling, and other destructive activities.

Save Big Cats from Life Behind Bars

result (12)Big cats need space to roam in a natural habitat, and should not be held captive in private collections. Help free lions, tigers, and other wild felines from lives of cruel imprisonment.

Act Now to Save Our Bees

result (7)Without bees and other pollinators, many of our most important food plants would soon cease to exist. Save bees from the dangerous pesticides that are killing off these crucial insect species.

Stop the Massacre of Wolves and Coyotes

result (5)Wolves, coyotes, and other predatory animals could soon be massacred at a killing contest sponsored by anti-wildlife groups. Don’t let this barbaric contest move forward.

Save Wildlife from Irresponsible Tourism

result (4)Irresponsible tourism can put animals in danger and harm imperiled species. Pledge to be a responsible tourist who helps to protect animal welfare while overseas.

Save Polar Bears from Shell Oil

resultPolar bears will be at risk of dying in a catastrophic oil spill if Shell Oil is allowed to drill in the Arctic. Take action to stop this disaster from happening.

Save Wolves from Cruel Predator-Killing Contest

result (26)Wolves have been persecuted for far too long, and now Idaho wants to hold a wolf and other predator-killing contest. Don’t let this insane and unethical event move forward.

Save the Mighty Bluefin Tuna from Extinction

result (22)Majestic bluefin tuna are among the strongest and fastest fish in the ocean, but are now in imminent danger of disappearing forever. Don’t let this remarkable fish species go extinct.

Save Endangered Whales from Oil Spills

result (13)One of the world’s most endangered whale species is being put at further risk by plans to drill for oil in its habitat. Save North Atlantic right whales from the devastating impacts of a deadly oil spill.

Stop the Killing of Endangered Rhinos

result (12)Killing endangered species for sport is never acceptable, but two people want to import dead rhinos they killed while trophy hunting back into the the United States. Make sure permission to import these slaughtered animals is denied.

Save Endangered Elephants from Poachers

result (11)Elephants are being slaughtered by organized poaching networks, and U.S. consumers are helping to finance the killing. Save endangered elephants from poachers before these majestic animals disappear forever.

Stop Bulldozing Tiger Habitat

result (5)Tigers and other endangered rainforest animals are losing their habitat to rampant deforestation. Tell a major money manager to stop funding the loggers and bulldozers.

Save the Home of Endangered Ocelots and Jaguars

result (4)Jaguars and ocelots are on the brink of extinction in the American Southwest. Save these endangered wild cats from a destructive mine that could wipe out their last remaining habitat.

Save the Last Right Whales from Extinction

result (1)Only 450 highly endangered North Atlantic right whales exist anywhere in the world. Demand protection for these imperiled gentle giants before they go extinct.

Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse

result (9)Tiger cubs and other young wild animals don’t belong in a petting zoo. Speak out against the abuse of these exotic wild animals for entertainment.