Save Bats from Devastating Disease

701012-1408750028-wideEcologically important bats are being devastated by a strange and deadly disease. Help give these imperiled animals much-needed protection before they go extinct.

Save Beautiful Monarch Butterflies

467847-1409185010-wideMonarch butterfly numbers have declined 90%, and now this iconic species is on the verge of extinction. Help protect these beautiful butterflies before it is too late.

Protect Alaskan Wildlife from a Mining Disaster

749831-1408143445-wideBillions of gallons of toxic mining waste could threaten grizzly bears, salmon, and other Alaskan wildlife if a proposed mine gets built. Help stop this disastrous project.

Save Wildlife from Slaughter

528162-1408646200-wideA ghoulish ‘predator derby’ contest would award cash prizes for killing wolves and other wildlife. Help stop this slaughter from happening and protect predators from senseless death.

Save the Last Wolverines from Extinction

864181-1408569826-wideRare and elusive wolverines are threatened by trapping and climate change. Help save these animals before the last 300 wolverines in the Lower 48 disappear forever.

Let Wildlife Recover from Massive Oil Spill

731810-1406324740-widePelicans, dolphins, and other aquatic wildlife have still not recovered from the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Help give animals a chance to heal from this devastating environmental disaster.

Protect Manatees from Deadly Boat Collisions

Gentle manatees are at risk from deadly speed boat collisions and other threats. Help save these graceful aquatic mammals from danger.

Help Wolves Return to the Wild

524119-1408398928-wideMexican gray wolves about to be released into the wild are in danger of being killed by people. Help keep these wolves safe as they return to repopulate their rightful habitat.

Obama: Don’t Kill Whales for Oil

542847-1406221985-wideWhales, dolphins, and other marine animals are threatened with deafness or worse. Energy companies have received permission to use jet engine-like blasts to search for oil in their habitat. Help save gentle marine mammals from the oil industry.

Save Our Oceans from Destructive Overfishing

511245-1405017641-wideFish and other marine life are being decimated by the commercial fishing industry. Help stop a law that would allow even more overfishing in our oceans.

Protect Arctic Wildlife from Oil Drilling

255664-1405990546-wideBeautiful and unique animal species that live only in the Arctic are threatened by plans to drill for oil in their habitat. Help save Arctic wildlife from drilling and protect Arctic ecosystems.

Protect Wildlife from Cruel Traps

155279-1406226868-wideLynx, wolverines, and other at-risk species are being caught and killed by cruel traps. Speak up to protect these animals from a slow and painful death.

Pledge to Help Save Elephants from Poachers

252683-1405642390-wideThousands of elephants are being killed by poachers every year. Pledge to protect these incredible and endangered animals by avoiding products made from elephant ivory,

Save Thousands of Birds from Fatal Collisions

738864-1406134282-wideThousands of birds are at risk of death and injury because of a decision to use unsafe glass in a new football stadium. Tell stadium owners to use safer alternatives and protect migrating birds from deadly collisions.

Save Rhinos from Rampant Poaching

583784-1405641093-wideRhinos are nearing extinction as out-of-control poaching sky rockets. Support immediate action to save these incredible animals before it is too late.

Save Africa’s Wildlife from Poachers

261974-1405639448-wideElephants, rhinos, and other African animals are being cruelly persecuted and hunted toward extinction by poachers. Help save wildlife from the poaching industry.

Protect Ocean Life from 1 Trillion Pieces of Plastic

seal-Over one trillion pieces of plastic could be released into the ocean in the next decade. This overwhelming amount of waste would devastate fragile marine life such as seals, whales and dolphins. Demand the EPA take immediate action to prevent this impending ocean calamity.

Save Arctic Wildlife from Disastrous Oil Spill

Polar bears, walruses, and other Arctic animals are threatened by oil industry plans to drill in their icy home. Help save sensitive wildlife species from a disastrous oil spill in the Arctic Ocean.

Save Whales from Ship Collisions and Sonic Blasting

758261-1400862014-wideThree out of four imperiled right whales have scars from collisions with commercial fishing lines. Help protect these gentle animals from further abuse and threats to their survival.

Save Imperiled Brown Bears from Hunters

235687-1405980820-wideHunting and forest fires threaten the survival of a group of unique brown bears. Help save these beautiful and majestic animals by demanding an end to the brown bear hunting season.