Save Rare and Beautiful Birds from Extinction

404009-1413493733-wideA beautiful and imperiled bird species is in danger of disappearing forever. Help protect the habitat that these birds depend on for survival, and save them from imminent extinction.

Stop the War on Wolves

257631-1413839348-wideAnti-wildlife interests are waging a war on imperiled wolves in the Northern Rockies and beyond. Help give wolves the protection they need, and save them from hunters and wildlife exterminators.

Save Critically Endangered Porpoises from Extinction

137747-1413219735-wideFewer than 100 critically endangered Vaquita porpoises exist anywhere on the planet. Save the last members of this imperiled species from the poachers and black marketeers who are driving them toward extinction.

Save Bears and Mountain Lions from Development

166172-1408554078-wideA pristine mountain range home to bears, mountain lions, and countless other animals is threatened by rapid urban expansion. Help save this wild place from development and preserve precious wildlife habitat for years to come.

Defend Animals from Abusers

524459-1412952023-wideThousands of animals are abused and hurt every day by irresponsible owners. Pledge to be part of the solution, and help end all kinds of animal abuse.

Save Elk from Cattle Ranchers

765842-1412736884-wideImperiled elk are in danger of being driven out of their habitat by cattle ranchers who want to see them gone. Don’t let cattle industry interests trump the health of wildlife populations.

Stop the Biggest Threat to U.S. Birds

422075-1409786173-wideHundreds of beautiful bird species are at risk because of threats posed by global warming. Take action to protect birds from big polluters and help stop climate change.

Demand Justice for Brutally Murdered Wolves

330941-1412115234-wideTwo wolves were brutally killed by a man who purposefully ran down and struck them with his car. Demand the killer be prosecuted for this horrific act of animal cruelty.

Save Imperiled Bird Species from Development

703910-1412103986-wideImperiled birds are losing their habitat because of a federal agency’s refusal to preserve the shoreline they call home. Help save this species from extinction before it’s too late.

Save Wild Wolves from Eradication

259009-1412029311-wideSome of the last wild wolves in the country are in danger of being eradicated by a rogue wildlife-killing agency in Idaho. Speak out to protect wolf families from these indiscriminate killers.

Save Wild Salmon and Streams from Big Coal

674511-1412292791-wideSalmon need healthy. pristine streams to thrive, but a coal company wants to build a giant mine in their habitat. Protect wild salmon and the environment that they call home from dirty coal pollution.

Don’t Let Monarch Butterflies Go Extinct

918023-1410915934-wideMonarch butterflies are dying because a toxic herbicide is killing off their main food plant. Take action to save them before it’s too late, and protect these beautiful insects from extinction.

Give Arctic Animals a Permanent Refuge

467959-1410469751-wideOil development threatens thousands of birds, polar bears, caribou, and other animals who call the pristine coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge home. Help ensure permanent protection for this special place and the wildlife that depend on it.

Stop Sanctioned Wolf Slaughter

101192-1407949054-wideWolves and other predatory animals face a new threat, as hunting groups push to hold an annual ‘predator-killing’ contest in their habitat. Help save wildlife from this cruel and irresponsible event.

Save Wildlife from Deadly Poison

581181-1410313472-wideWild animals are dying slow deaths caused by internal bleeding, after eating a poison meant to kill rats. Help save wildlife from this extremely deadly product.

Save Wolf Family from Shooters

227086-1409863677-wideA wolf pack could soon be slaughtered because government officials are bowing to the demands of the politically powerful livestock industry. Demand that these wild animals be allowed to live their lives in peace.

Save Wetland Birds from Devastating Drought

212450-1410467798-wideWetland birds are threatened by a crippling drought that could result in their watery homes being drained. Don’t let birds become the victims of the worst drought to grip the Southwest in years.

Save Bats from Devastating Disease

701012-1408750028-wideEcologically important bats are being devastated by a strange and deadly disease. Help give these imperiled animals much-needed protection before they go extinct.

Save Beautiful Monarch Butterflies

467847-1409185010-wideMonarch butterfly numbers have declined 90%, and now this iconic species is on the verge of extinction. Help protect these beautiful butterflies before it is too late.

Protect Alaskan Wildlife from a Mining Disaster

749831-1408143445-wideBillions of gallons of toxic mining waste could threaten grizzly bears, salmon, and other Alaskan wildlife if a proposed mine gets built. Help stop this disastrous project.