Save Whales and Dolphins From Deadly Explosions

574302-1448038848-wideWhales and dolphins are being put at risk by deadly explosions set off during Navy training exercises in their habitat. Urge the Navy to safeguard marine life by staying out of these sensitive areas.

Stop All Arctic Oil Drilling

186364-1447111685-wideWalruses, polar bears, whales and other sensitive wildlife are threatened by Arctic oil drilling projects. Help protect the pristine Arctic from the drills once and for all.

Save Migrating Shorebirds From Big Oil

619243-1444947592-wideThousands of shorebirds are at risk of being killed by a disastrous oil spill if a new oil terminal in their habitat gets build. Protect these helpless birds and other wildlife from the threat of a toxic catastrophe.

Don’t Let Mexican Gray Wolves Disappear Forever

626082-1444078805-wideBarely more than a hundred Mexican gray wolves still survive in the wild, and now these last survivors are in danger of disappearing forever. Don’t let the Mexican gray wolf go extinct.

Stop the Sale of Abused Puppy Mill Dogs

118948-1442612151-widePuppies and dogs raised in horrifically cruel puppy mills are being sold at flea markets around the country. Help crack down on this loophole that allows puppy mills to continue to operate.

Save Wolves From Extinction

195710-1445895063-wideWolves are under threat because of industrial activity encroaching into their forest home. Speak up to save the last wild wolves in Canada before it’s too late.

Stop Cruel, Abusive Puppy Mills

415016-1441121263-wideDogs in puppy mills too often lead lives of horrifying suffering and abuse. Become part of the solution by pledging not to give your money to companies that support puppy mills.

Protect Migrating Songbirds from Harm

399998-1439310353-wideBeautiful songbirds face serious threats on their long migration south, from habitat loss to disruptive climate change. Protect our songbirds by giving them the help they urgently need to survive.

Save Africa’s Majestic Wildlife from Extinction

525716-1437753859-widePoaching is decimating Africa’s wildlife, and could soon lead to many of the continent’s most beloved animals going extinct forever. Support swift action to combat poaching and save African animals from disappearing.

Save Bees from New Chemical Poisons

344628-1424807946-wideBees are disappearing because of the widespread use of toxic pesticides. Save bees and the hundreds of plant species they pollinate by stopping the use of a new poisonous chemical that puts bees in even more danger.

Save Rare and Beautiful Cassowaries from Extinction

257278-1434042380-wideThe rare and endangered cassowary is one of the world’s biggest and most remarkable bird species. Help save these beautiful, unique animals before they vanish forever.

Save Polar Bears from Oil Spills

398324-1434372631-widePolar bears and other Arctic animals are threatened by Shell Oil’s plan to drill in their icy habitat. Tell President Obama to protect polar bears from the danger of an Arctic oil spill.

Stop Driving Koalas Toward Extinction

810062-1432753880-wideKoalas are in danger of going extinct as developers close in on their disappearing habitat. Help save these adorable animals and hundreds of other imperiled Australian species.

Save Monarch Butterflies From Poisonous Chemicals

646743-1432831298-wideMonarch butterflies are plummeting toward extinction as chemical companies spray their food plants with poison. Take action to stop these beautiful insects from disappearing forever before it’s too late.

Save Dog Fighting Victims from Lives of Cruelty and Abuse

947312-1431103661-wideDog fighting is a hideously cruel sport that condemns dogs to lives of suffering and abuse. Most victims die an early death after sustaining horrific injuries and being forced to fight again and again. Join the campaign to end dog fighting for good.

Save Tigers from Illegal Logging

731835-1396891617-wideBeautiful and majestic Siberian tigers are in danger of vanishing forever, as illegal logging threatens their last remaining habitat. Help protect these imperiled big cats before it’s too late, and keep loggers out of the forest that they call home.

Save Our Bees

344628-1424807946-wideBees are disappearing, threatening dozens of food crops that rely on insect pollinators to reproduce. Help stop another toxic pesticide from pushing bees even closer to extinction.

Save Polar Bears from Oil Spills

514037-1429729991-widePolar bears are threatened by plans to drill for oil in their sensitive Arctic habitat. Help save these majestic and imperiled animals from the catastrophic effects of a major oil spill.

Don’t Let Endangered Species Vanish Forever

336273-1429648750-wideOur rarest and most persecuted animal species are under attack and could soon lose the crucial protections they need to survive. Speak up for endangered wildlife now, and help ensure hundreds of imperiled animals are protected from imminent extinction.

Save Baby Seals from Ruthless Hunting

944363-1428602330-wideHundreds of thousands of seal pups could be slaughtered if special interests are allowed to overturn a ban on the inhumane seal parts trade. Protect seals from hunting by keeping this crucial ban in place.

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