Save Dog Fighting Victims from Lives of Cruelty and Abuse

947312-1431103661-wideDog fighting is a hideously cruel sport that condemns dogs to lives of suffering and abuse. Most victims die an early death after sustaining horrific injuries and being forced to fight again and again. Join the campaign to end dog fighting for good.

Save Tigers from Illegal Logging

731835-1396891617-wideBeautiful and majestic Siberian tigers are in danger of vanishing forever, as illegal logging threatens their last remaining habitat. Help protect these imperiled big cats before it’s too late, and keep loggers out of the forest that they call home.

Save Our Bees

344628-1424807946-wideBees are disappearing, threatening dozens of food crops that rely on insect pollinators to reproduce. Help stop another toxic pesticide from pushing bees even closer to extinction.

Save Polar Bears from Oil Spills

514037-1429729991-widePolar bears are threatened by plans to drill for oil in their sensitive Arctic habitat. Help save these majestic and imperiled animals from the catastrophic effects of a major oil spill.

Don’t Let Endangered Species Vanish Forever

336273-1429648750-wideOur rarest and most persecuted animal species are under attack and could soon lose the crucial protections they need to survive. Speak up for endangered wildlife now, and help ensure hundreds of imperiled animals are protected from imminent extinction.

Save Baby Seals from Ruthless Hunting

944363-1428602330-wideHundreds of thousands of seal pups could be slaughtered if special interests are allowed to overturn a ban on the inhumane seal parts trade. Protect seals from hunting by keeping this crucial ban in place.

Save Marine Animals of the Great Barrier Reef

267483-1428450637-wideMagnificent fish, invertebrates, and other marine animals are threatened by plans to dredge the world’s largest coral reef. We must stand up for this beautiful and imperiled ecosystem before it’s too late. Urge Australia to protect the Great Barrier Reef today.

Save Wolves from Traps and Trophy Hunters

149138-1424734100-wideWolves need our help to keep them safe from trophy hunters and deadly traps. Don’t let hunting and livestock interests remove the crucial protections that helped wolves recover from the brink of extinction.

Stop the War on Idaho’s Wolves

998253-1426281310-wideWolves are under attack in Idaho, with state officials proposing to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to eradicate them. Stop the persecution of these beautiful and ecologically important animals before it’s too late to save them.

Stop Poisoning Bees With Pesticides

344628-1424807946-wideBees are declining, threatening crops and ecosystems, and now the EPA has approved another toxic pesticide that further endangers these important insects. Tell officials to stop caving to the pesticide industry and stand up for bees.

Save Wildlife from Gun Lobbyists

822256-1425409805-wideBald eagles and other predators are being poisoned by lead bullets used by hunters. Fight back against the gun lobby’s attempt to undermine crucial protections against lead poisoning for our wildlife.

Don’t Cover Up Animal Cruelty

264512-1424731121-wideAbusive factory farm owners want to keep animal cruelty in the dark and prevent the public from exposing animal welfare violations. Show you won’t be intimidated, and pledge to keep speaking up for animals.

Investigate Beluga Whale’s Tragic Death

557802-1425072907-wideA captive beluga died at SeaWorld, which has been previously cited for animal welfare violations. Demand an investigation into the untimely death of this beloved whale.

Save Wolves from Hunting and Trapping

244291-1423882849-wideWolves are only just beginning to recover from centuries of persecution, and now lawmakers want to remove crucial protections that helped save them from going extinct. Stop the legalization of wolf hunting and trapping.

Save Whales from Underwater Missiles

682697-1424471922-wideUnderwater missiles and explosions threaten the survival of whales and other marine life. Stop the Navy from moving forward with dangerous plans that put majestic marine animals at risk.

Save Seals from Oil Drillers

181991-1424384283-wideBeautiful and imperiled ringed seals are threatened by plans to drill for oil in their Arctic habitat. Protect seals and the fragile ecosystem they depend on from a catastrophic oil spill.

Prosecute Killer of First Wolf to Return to Grand Canyon

775624-1423773429-wideA wolf who traveled over 750 miles to reach the Grand Canyon was killed by a hunter, bringing a tragic end to her brave and pioneering journey to a place where wolves have been extinct for 70 years. Bring the person who shot her to justice.

Don’t Let Red Wolves Go Extinct

131313-1423509413-wideOnly 100 highly endangered red wolves survive in the wild, and now their future is more threatened than ever. Don’t let this beautiful and important species disappear. Take action now to save red wolves from extinction.

Save Wolves from Hunting and Trapping

133340-1423505770-wideWolves across the United States are in danger of falling victim to hunters and trappers, and Congress wants to eliminate our best tool for protecting them. Stop the persecution of wild wolves now.

Stop Destruction of Wild Bird Refuge

884843-1422034301-wideA river ecosystem home to incredible numbers of birds and fish is in danger of being destroyed by a misguided water diversion project. Help save this precious place and the animals who depend on it for their survival.